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Start taking your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by taking advantage of our climate & energy advisory services. Together, we can create sustainable socio-economical advantages for your company.


As an engineering firm, we advise, design and optimize the building physics qualities and technical installations of ambitious construction and renovation projects in a wide variety of sectors.


We always work from a real added value perspective. We do not work with standard solutions. That is why our first work consists of an audit of your company, production process or utility.

CO2Comfort enables sustainable business

Combine your daily operations with new technologies.

CO2Comfort’s mission is to reduce emissions for smaller energy consumers who are not subject to the ETS. We apply the same strategy as ETS and follow the standard of the GHG Project Protocol and ISO 14064 for these companies. Our goal is to calculate and reduce in the first place. Followed by offseting the remaining emissions if desired with legitamate carbon reduction projects. The final step is to communicate the efforts.

With our expertise in ETS and daily projects in renewable and sustainable energy we can advise, study and develop your process optimalisation.

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With our ISO9001 certificate we offer the most excellent service

As a study agency, we provide professional services with a fair price. Qualitative handling is our top priority. Thanks to our excellent expertise and years of experience, you can rest assured that your project is in our hands. Through constant training, we are up-to-date with the latest techniques in our sector.

CO2Comfort wants to be the pioneer in finding and formulating sustainable solutions for living and working comfort in the built environment.