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Our values are part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act.

This label can only be achieved through serious climate efforts.


Sustainability resides in our DNA. That is why choosing for CO2Comfort also means showing respect for the society and nature in which we live. We match the client’s requirements and dreams with the latest environmental standards.


CO2Comfort wants to be a pioneer in finding and formulating sustainable solutions for living and working comfort. That is why we advise, study and design CO2-neutrality.


We give you independent advice. This makes us a reliable partner who allows you to make objective, well-considered and sustainable choices.


We offer a total solution. We make sure that the solution is properly fit to your needs.


We do not work with standard solutions. CO2Comfort utilizes a flexible approach to provide every client with a tailored solution based on their needs with respect to the GHG protocol.