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Charging Stations

Every electric and/or plug-in hybrid vehicle comes with a standard charging cable for charging your vehicle battery. These require power from a wall outlet. The proprietary protection is missing with the result of overheating and overloading the protection the electrical circuit is driven to the maximum permissible electrical power. An unsafe situation arises, a fire risk is a negative consequence.You can contact us for the optimization of this unsafe situation. When purchasing your car, no importance is attached to this. We are happy to work this out for you according to the safety regulations. In addition, a customized charging system provides communication between the vehicle and the charging station. This communication ensures a better charging cycle, which benefits the battery life. Additionally, the power cable is protected from overheating by the internal monitoring. The charging station will take on the function of the control device to reduce the current during the charging process to prevent overloading. As an ultimate extra, the intelligent control will ensure a healthy charging cycle geared to the production of green power generated by your own solar panels.

We are happy to guide you through this process guarantees a tailor-made calculation. Large car manufacturers like to make a habit of applying plug and play at the expense of safety. Good advice and the appropriate expertise is in order. As an extra service, we are happy to guide you to the right professional/installer who meets all requirements and has experience.