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Comfort measurement: measures how comfortable your building is

Achieving a pleasant climate and environment within a building is very important. Whether the building was recently completed or whether it has been there for years, comfort always remains relevant. That is why a comfort measurement is important and in some situations even necessary. But what is the difference between a summer and winter measurement, why is a comfort measurement so important and what benefits does it provide? CO2Comfort happily explains: 

What is a summer and winter measurement?

A PMV measurement or PPD measurement objectively displays the percentage of people who experience the climate within the building as comfortable. Since this can differ heavily depending on the season, both a winter and a summer measurement are recommended to get a clear and full picture of how comfortable a building is. Common complaints that may affect you and other people are: too cold or too hot, draft, differences in temperature or even heat radiation.

Why do companies have to perform a comfort measurement?

Indoor comfort is very important for your employees and therefore a comfort measurement is a good choice. The existing ventilation system plays a major role in this. Not only will you be able to measures the thermal comfort of people in your building, but you will also be to get a sense of  how the air quality is and how the visual and acoustic comfort is regulated. By increasing the comfort within the building, people will feel more comfortable and this, in turn, will reflect in their work performance.

What are the benefits of a comfort measurement?

Performing a comfort measurement provides all kinds of advantages. The most obvious one is pinpointing bottlenecks and/or areas for improvement. This allows you to do something about it and keep employees happy. After all, by lowering complaints, the performance in the workplace will only get better. Thanks to the results of a comfort measurement, you can call in a contractor to make the necessary adjustments.

Contact us for a customized comfort measurement

Is the comfort in your building not optimal and do you want to do something about it? At CO2Comfort we are ready to answer all your questions. Are you looking for a customized comfort measurement? Then you have come to the right place. Contact us directly to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to visit you to initiate this process.