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Use an energy scan to analyze the energy consumption in your home or office

Many companies tell that they have little time to invest in their energy policy. Their attention is focused on their core business. They usually do not have the technical knowledge to implement energy-saving measures and are not aware of the cost-saving potential. Nevertheless, this awareness is clearly growing within society, including economic actors. Companies are prepared to invest in energy saving, but need to be relieved of the burden.

An energy scan is the assessment of the energy consumption in your home or company building. During this scan, an energy consultant or energy expert will visit and, after an inspection, give you tips and tricks on how to save energy in the short and long term. For example, in some situations this can be done by better insulating your infrastructure or by optimizing the use of certain appliances. Saving energy is not only good for the environment but also ideal as a cost-saving technique for companies.

You will often find different names online ranging from energy scans and energetic quick scans to energy audits. But what exactly do they mean and what is the difference between them? CO2Comfort happily explains it to you. 

Energetic quick scan: Energy advice tailored to your home or office

An energetic quick scan is, as the name implies, a quick scan of the energy consumption in your home or company office. For certain groups, such an energetic scan is completely free. Several cities and municipalities have even developed plans to roll out free energy scans in their territory. For example, free energy scans are not uncommon for the homes of protected gas and electricity consumers. These consumers then enjoy the social maximum prices for gas and electricity. Residents of older homes can thus easily save on energy performance and limit their CO² emissions.

Energy scan: The numerous advantages for your company or home

An energy scan is also very interesting for companies. Benefits include the ability to discover hidden costs, unburdening and at the same time develop an action plan to tackle these costs. As a company, you also bear your social responsibility and it shows you are committed to a better environment. Did you know that small interventions can often save up to 10% on your energy bill? An average energy saving of 13.5% is certainly no exception. In addition, there is an option to limit energy costs by partially switching to green energy. These are all things you can achieve with a simple energy scan.

The difference between an energy scan and an energy audit? Let us explain: 

There is a difference between an energy scan and an energy audit. With an energy scan, we speak of a rather low-threshold check or inspection. In particular, quick wins are mapped out, where you, as a resident of a home or as a manager, get a good view of the potential for saving energy. An energy audit, on the other hand, is an extensive, general study that maps the entire energy system. As a result of an energy audit, you can proceed to more structural measures or renovations in your home or business.

The added benefit of a professional energy scan from CO2Comfort

During an energy scan, you can expect specific tips that show where you can improve in terms of energy consumption. Our energy experts draw up an inventory and analysis to provide you with an action plan to take energy-saving measures. For example, the energy consultant will consider the options for better insulating the building and also look at the price you pay for electricity, gas and heating oil. Often, there are certain power peaks or “standby” power consumption that you can easily avoid once you become aware of them. The costs for such a scan are limited, so be sure to check whether you are eligible for a subsidy.

Energy scan with CO2Comfort: professional and cost-effective’s recognized energy experts are ready to answer all your questions. The energy consumption of companies and homes can always be further improved. Therefore, call on our professional energy consultants to perform an energy scan. You can contact us here for a no-obligation meeting or appointment!