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Relighting: Prepare your building for the future

In this day and age, there are a lot of initiatives that help ensure that buildings are energy efficient and ready for the future. Relighting plays an important role in this because the lighting of buildings often consumes an unnecessarily high amount of energy. But what exactly does this concept entail and what benefits does it offer? You will find all the answers here at CO2Comfort.

What is relighting?

Relighting is all about adapting existing fixtures in a building, with the ultimate goal being saving energy. Older lighting installations need to be replaced by new, energy-efficient ones. This is also called relamping. Relighting is not only a good way to save on the fixed costs of your building but it also extends to help make the environment better for everyone.

The benefits of relighting

Energy savings is the biggest benefit you can get from relighting. This investment ensures that you pay less fixed costs so that you ultimately enjoy significantly more savings. The environmental aspect is also an important advantage, as is the implementation of new techniques. This way, you make your building more user-friendly and better suited to your daily activities.

A modern lighting plan also offers advantages for employees and customers in your building. With the help of professional light analysis, it is possible to determine which light intensity and color create the right atmosphere. Modern lamps can also be adapted to the biorhythm of your employees. This often makes them feel fitter, more productive and more at ease.

Relighting bonus

Companies interested in relighting can now also receive a financial bonus. This applies to all business premises that were connected to the electricity grid before January 1st 2006 or for those who applied for an environmental permit for urban development activities before January 1st 2006. In this case alone you are able to receive a bonus of up to €20,000. The bonus covers a maximum of 100% of the invoice, excluding VAT. This makes it possible to finance your investment in part or in some instances even completely. your relamping expert

To meet the goals of the climate plan, the European Union is doing everything in its power to reduce energy consumption by at least 20%. Relighting your company is a good place to start. By having a lighting study carried out, you can also identify potential areas for cost-saving. For example, we are currently looking at how to optimally integrate natural sunlight so that your energy consumption is even lower. At the same time, the lighting study ensures that your building will be illuminated in a beautiful, welcoming and practical way. This means you do not have to lose out on comfort, but instead create an even more comfortable and energy-efficient environment. employs various lighting experts who can carry out a lighting study for relamping. They not only pay close attention to energy savings, but also have an eye for comfort and aesthetics. Are you interested in relighting and would you like to have a lighting plan drawn up that is ready for the future? Are you curious about the cost price of the lighting study or about the savings that relighting can deliver? Then contact today. We are ready to answer all your questions about relighting.