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Solar Panels


Solar panels give you the opportunity to produce your own energy. This will reduce the cost of your energy bill and therefore bring about a saving. In view of the ever less attractive fossil fuels, it goes without saying that electricity is becoming increasingly important in our society. This is where the re-emerging hype of electric heating in the form of heat pumps comes in.Of course this remains an investment that must be considered over several years, but it will pay for itself more quickly (on request, payback calculation). The sharp drop in the purchase price makes them more interesting than ever. If you compare this with money on a savings account, you will notice that this investment will have yielded more after 10 years.The average installation can easily last 25 to 30years with a small maintenance cost by replacing the inverter. If you know that the entire installation in most cases has paid for itself after 7 years, you will notice the huge savings on your energy bill that you can make with this kind of investment.

What can we do for you?

We will work with you to see what the possibilities are. Optimization of the installation is obvious to us in terms of efficiency. This results in a cost-benefit analysis of your electrical consumption. Together with you, we look at the various options. As an extra service, you can rely on our experience and expertise for the correct selection of a professional/installer.